Welcome to the Legacy of the Dragons – Knowledge Portal

locs_collage_2Welcome to the Legacy of the Dragons – Knowledge PortalLegacy of the Dragons, also called WoD, short for War of Dragons.  WoD is an Online Multiplayer Game about two races, Humans and Magmars and this Website is an Information Portal about the game, for players to easy find out information about Quests, Events, Professions and much more.

Due to the Information Site that we used seeming to have fallen into disrepair, I decided to make one myself, so if there is Information missing I would be grateful if anyone that reading this and playing the game would help to fill in any gaps that might be missing so that we together can make this to a fully functional Information Portal for the game War of the Dragons.

Hope that you will enjoy the Information presented here and if you got any feedback, please use either the Contact form or just use the comment boxes at the appropriate part of the site.


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