Clan Citadel

The Citadel, can be looked at as a Clan Stronghold.  Buildings within The Citadel give Clan members benefits and bonuses that clans without a Citadel do not have.  For example, as the Citadel Town Hall is getting developed, each Clan Member will be able to gather more energy per level of the Citadel Town Hall and so on.  Hopefully it all will be explained in the pages to follow.  It can be found in Daylight Square, Tower of War Mage’s and the Otherworld, where it is located.  To start the Clan leader has to speak with the Stone Architect, who in return for his help want to know more about the Faeo world.  There is 3 stages to be completed and they are as follows.

Stage 1 – After completed several tasks from the Stone Architect he will then reward the Clan Leader with the first sketch, Oracle I Sketch, which is needed to start building the Oracle.  This building has to be built in order to do any further construction in the Otherworld.

Stage 2 – The Otherworld is full of hostile elements, and in order to assert ownership at the chosen location these has to be killed and chased off.  Once that is done the Stone Architect will reward the Clan Leader with a 2nd sketch, The Warehouse.  This building is the 2nd one necessary for further construction in the Otherworld.

Stage 3 – Fairly simple stage, the Stone Architect being in a really friendly mood gives the Clan Leader the sketch for the main building, the Town Hall and once this building has been done then various other buildings can be built once the right building sketch has been obtained.