This is the landing page for Human and Magmar Quests.  There might be gaps in regards to this information since there might be new quests for levels already been passed by myself, if anyone do see some quest missing, please do not hesitate to use the Comment form and submit the missing information!

On a side note, most quest do give some coins as rewards as well, only a few of the quests has that information so such information would be appreciated as well.

It would be the quickest way to keep the quests up to date, when real life permitting of course. 23-glance

Also, please bear in mind that for some of the quest, mostly those quests that has been coming out the last year or so.  The names of those quests posted here is from the News Articles from War of Dragons, and it been noted they are not the same name as the actually quest are called.  The NCP that is handing them out are correct though and when the correct Quest Names have been found they will be updated here as well.