Level 12 Quests


Magic Fargs
Who and Where: ico_human Gredeya the Witch at Wild Forest or ico_magmar Brugilda the Sorceress at Village of Maettro
Reward: 10,000 Experience, Fargs 1 pcs and m_game3 2 m_game2 78
Note: Need to have 2,000 Juggernaut Reputation
Memorable Gift
Who and Where: ico_human Burz at Warrior’s Camp or ico_magmar Cabur at Chion Settlement
Reward: 15,000 Experience, Potion of Valor 1 pcs and m_game3 4 m_game2 16
Night Hunter
Who and Where: ico_human Elder Baguron at O’Delvays Square or ico_magmar Elder Verkiry at Dartrong Square
Reward: 20,000 Experience, 500 City Reputation and a 3 Slot Belt with 5/1 Durability
Note: Before starting this quest make sure you have the following at hand, since it will be needed to remove the Curse; 3,000 Quicksilver, 500 Fluorite, 500 Hostas, 500­ Dinichthys, 1 Emperor Scorpion Bile and 1 Deathly Heart.
Return Move
Who and Where: ico_human Frex the Knight at Warrior’s Camp or ico_magmar Blou the Knight at Chion Settlement
Reward: Not known at this moment of time.
Note: Need to have completed the Memorable Gift task
Souvenir from Travels
Who and Where: ico_human Traveller Kovey at Mary’s Tavern or ico_magmar Traveller Linzsey at The Gurraldiy’s Head
Reward: 30,000 Experience, Eldive Metamorphosis Elixir 1 pcs, Temporary Traveller’s Quiver 1 pcs, Steel Arrow 50 pcs and m_game3 8 m_game2 33 and also one of the following bows, according to your fighting style. Bonecrusher – Temporary Vengeance Bow or Heavyweight – Temporary Silence Bow or Dodger – Temporary Forest Herald Bow
Nothing is Forever
Who and Where: ico_human Arnabag the Mage at Barrow of Sadness or ico_magmar Khorsungum the Mage at Gorge of Gondi
Reward: 20,000 Experience, m_game3 5 m_game2 50 and Earth Elixir for level 12