Level 14 Quests


Marble Lady Rescue
Who and Where: Ancient Statue at White Reef
Reward: Not yet known
Note: Must have completed the task Talking Statue
Party Planning
Who and Where: ico_human Squire Voldemar at Paradise Corner or ico_magmar Galash the Merchant at County Vurdaliya
Reward: Not yet known
The Smithy’s Idea
Who and Where: ico_human Stavros the Blacksmith at Luan Coast or ico_magmar Tungur at Ancestral Mountains
Reward: Not yet known
Trouble at the Nursery
Who and Where: ico_human Sweet Mila at Village of Kingala or ico_magmar Bonna Benita at Village of Angriyar
Reward: Not yet known
Who is the fairest of them all?
Who and Where: ico_human Amelie at Mary’s Tavern or ico_magmar Layla at The Gurraldiy’s Head
Reward: Not yet known.