Level 7 Quests


An Unusual Beast
Who and Where: Shiko at ico_human Royal Tomb or at ico_magmar Tomb of Kings
Reward: 4,000 Experience and Pile of Papers 1pcs
Note: Turn the Cow Dial 2 times and then the Frog Dial 3 times.
The Book of the Dead
Who and Where: ico_human Necromancer at Vassals Tomb or ico_magmar Koeshu the Necromancer at Clan Burial Grounds
Reward: 25,000 Experience and 300 O’Delvay’s City or Dartrong City Reputation
Note: This quest will not GIVE you the book as a reward, but you will be given the option to BUY it for m_game3 50 once you reach level 8.
Gizedor’s Big Problem
Who and Where: Gizedor at Plateau of Silence
Reward: There is 3 different rewards depending on what Tarariquon [Spider] you hand in.
1. 4,000 Experience and Devil Cubes 3pcs [Grey Spider]
2. 5,000 Experience and Devil Cubes 5pcs [Green Spider]
3. 6,000 Experience and Devil Cubes 7pcs [Blue Spider]
The Forester’s Nightmare
Who and Where: ico_human Ranger at Light’s Edge or ico_magmar Hawken the Forester at Zviglod Grove
Reward: 20,000 Experience and Rare Scroll of Poisoning 12pcs
Mysterious Kraze Ayred
Who and Where: ico_human Oden the Mage at Ridge of Kayar or ico_magmar Khorsungum the Mage at Gorge of Gondi
Reward: 5,000 Experience and a Metamorphosis Elixir [as an example this; Scorpion Metamorphosis Elixir]
Tips: Put the Ruby in Nest B – the Topaz in Nest O – the Sapphire in Nest G – the Amethyst in Nest D – the Emerald in Nest J
Under Suspicion
Who and Where: ico_human Warlord Damirus at O’Delvay’s Arena or ico_magmar Warlord Gidver at Dartrong Arena
Reward: 2 different rewards to choose between;
1. 7,000 Experience, 50 O’Delvays/Dartrong City Reputation and Great Elixir of Giant 10pcs
2. 7,000 Experience, 20 Bringers of Evil Reputation and a choice of Strong Scroll of Rockskin, Strong Elixir of Wind or Strong Amulet of Destruction
Gizedor’s Nightmare
Who and Where: Gizedor at Plateau of Silence
Reward: m_game2 60 and Gift of Dreams Charm
Magic Pot
Who and Where: ico_human Grildo at O’Delvay’s City Square or ico_magmar Mukhmor at Dartrong City Square
Reward: 3,000 Experience. Lingraonts Metamorphosis 1pcs and m_game2 68
A Mermaid’s Dream
Who and Where: ico_human Sorena the Mermaid at Lumirya Waterfall or ico_magmar Maeli the Mermaid at Sly Cove
Reward: 2,000 Experience, Seaweed Liqueur and m_game2 45
Golden Feather
Who and Where: ico_human Swindler Gloum at Barrow of Sadness or ico_magmar Thief Chigrik at Glade of Dreams
Reward: 3,000 Experience, Sack of Food 500pcs and the Golden Feathered Corvus Amulet
Note: Must have completed the level 5 Quest “Nurturing a Corvus”
Tavern Menu Masterpiece
Who and Where: ico_human Mary at Mary’s Tavern at Baurvill Halmet or ico_magmar Givens at The Gurraldiy’s Head at County of Vurdaliya
Reward: 5,000 Experience, m_game3m_game2 13 and a choice of 3 different items.
1. Sharker Amulet of Call [Can be used 1 time]
2. Elegant Shell Amulet [Gift]
3. Secrets of the Ocean Amulet [A 2 hour buff]
Note: Must have completed the Underwater Quest