Level 8 Quests


Pirate Compass
Who and Where: ico_human Sorena the Mermaid at Lumirya Waterfall or ico_magmar Maeli Mermaid at Sly Cove
Reward: 12,000 Experience and a Pirate Chest
Note: Chest might contain either Old Pirate Bag, Old Pirate Belt, 10 Efrils or Pile of Papers 1pcs – Might be other items but those are known.
Sorting out Gortz’s Gang
Who and Where: ico_human Sentry at Grand Forth Harbor or ico_magmar Sentry at Terror Wharf
Reward: 20,000 Experience and 50 O’Delvays/Dartrong Reputation
Swamp Toads
Who and Where: ico_human Gloum the Swindler at Barrow of Sadness or ico_magmar Chigrik the Thief at Glade of Dreams
Reward: 8,000 Experience and the Ability to Inflate Toads
Archaeological excavation in Faeo
Who and Where: ico_human Grildo the Goblin at O’Delvays Square or ico_magmar Mukhmor the Goblin at Dartrong Square
Reward: 8,000 Experience, m_game3 1 m_game2 91
Note: According to Comments posted in the news about this quest, 1 got 20 Flaundin Reputation, another got Undead Elixir of Giant 20pcs while a 3rd person seem to just got the Experience and Coins.
If anyone have more information, please do not hesitate to use the comment field and let us know.
One on One with a Forest Terror!
Who and Where: ico_human Ruler Pireney at Settlement of Buimar or ico_magmar Ruler Onufir at Fort Dybrach
Reward: 5,000 Experience and m_game3 1 m_game2 13
Evil near the Northern lands
Who and Where: Tuigun the Shaman at the Magic Tower over at Labyrinth Island
Reward: 5,000 Experience, m_game3 1 m_game2 20 and the ability to use the Obelisk of Resurrection on Glacial Ridge
Note: Need to get in on the Second Stage of Defending the Magical Tower Event, then talk to the Shaman there.
Female Tricks
Who and Where: ico_human Vessen the Druid at Wolf Wasteland or ico_magmar Vylis the Fisherman at Mentaliya Foothills
Reward: 8,000 Experience, m_game3 1 m_game2 92 and seems you can choose between Strong Amulet of Destruction, Strong Elixir of Wind or Strong Scroll of Rock Skin.
Note: To be able to start this quest you need to have discovered the Cameo while hunting for monsters
An Evening Dress for a Harlot
Who and Where: ico_human Marietta the Merry at Paradise Corner or ico_magmar Jolly Magdalen at Mentaliya Settlement
Reward: 5,000 Experience, “Belinda” Metamorphosis Elixir 1 pcs, “Levereta” Metamorphosis Elixir 1 pcs, Love Charm 1 pcs and m_game3 1 m_game2 20
Ink for the Archive
Who and Where: ico_human Seimelu the Archivist at Daylight Square or ico_magmar Budugri the Archivist at Square of Fire
Reward: 12,000 Experience, Archivist’s Knapsack and m_game3 2 m_game2 87
Note: Not sure if Knapsack contains same for everyone, only example I seen is what is in the news section for this quest and that player got the following;
Elixir of Invulnerability 1 pcs, Scroll of Chain Poisoning 25 pcs, Great Elixir of­ Giant 10 pcs, Great Elixir of Life 25 pcs, Tasty Cookie 5 pcs, Archivist’s­ Ink Well 1 pcs.
Rebirth of the Legendary Books
Who and Where: ico_human Thankos the Necromancer at Vassals Tombs or ico_magmar Koeshu the Necromancer at Clan Burial Grounds
Reward: One of the following books; Book of Death, Book of Life or Book of the Dragon
Note: Must have completed the level 7 Quest “The Book of the Dead” and bought the Book.  Depending on what book the Player want to obtain they also need the following;
Book of Death – 500 Reputation of God of the Cursed and the Dead
Book of Life – 500 Reputation of Goddess Aladeya
Book of the Dragon – 500 Reputation of the Great Dragon