Merchant Mark Quests

This is a compiled list of the different Merchant Mark Quests that has come to WoD so far, which can be done every 7 days.  According to the Russian Mentor site there is a total of 9 Quests, WoD has so far got 8 of them and available from level 8 and 9.  The total amount of Merchant Marks gained from completing these quests are between 813 and 912 pcs.  The Magmar information has been provided by courtesy of Hestia.

Rivers of Honey – Level 8 and above
Reward: 120 Merchant Marks and a Experimental Potion

Quest givers:
ico_human Voluptuous Mary in Mary’s Tavern
ico_magmar Givens in the Gurraldiy’s Head Pub

This is a two-part quest and you have to visit ico_human Foglio the Herbologist / ico_magmar Herbier the Herbologist to obtain a Bag of Herbal Mixture,  then visit ico_human Chooray the Warden / ico_magmar Kugar the Hunter for a Cask of Honey.

The Herboligists asking for the following resources: 6 Collected Pitcher Plants, 3 Collected Helta Plants and 10 Magical Silver Ink, in return for the bag of Herbal Mixture.

The next NCP is a bit more trickier, in the way that they don’t ask for the same resources each time as the Herbologist are.  So far it been three different resources and they have one of the following:
18 pcs of Violite Rocks
15 pcs of Esmerite Rocks
3 pcs of Dragon Blood

After handing in the resources to Chooray or Kugar, you get a Bottle of Pheromones which you have to apply to yourself in the Zigred Hive and then fight a Zigred and it’s comrades.

Once the above is done, return to ico_human Voluptuous Mary or ico_magmar Givens to collect your reward.

Spider Gourmet – Level 8 and above
Reward: 70 Merchant Marks and a Ball of Viscous Web

Quest Givers:
ico_human Ruler Pireney at Settlement of Buimar
ico_magmar Ruler Onufir at Fort Dybrach

Once you talked with the Ruler of your choice you have to take a walk to the Alchemist in the Guild of Artisans, which for Humans would be ico_human Cagliostro the Alchemist and for Magmars it would be ico_magmar Veddun the Alchemist.  From them you need a Deathly Sleep potion but to make it they need you to get 4 pcs of Sacrificial Power Elixir (which can be bought in the City Shop) and 1 Vital Strength Elixir (bought from the Profession Shop in the Guild for 8 Signs of Master)

Once you have got the potion you have to go and kill the Spider Patriarch [10] which are in the Kretch Lair.  Once you have killed the Patriarch you then take the potion and once you do that, the Scavenger will attack you, he’ll have loads of friends that come to his assistant during the fight.  Once the fight is over you return to the Ruler to give him the good news.

Kretches Had it Coming – Level 8 and above
Reward: 150 Merchant Marks and a Elixir of Protection from Injury

Quest Givers:
ico_human Chief Kort at Settlement of Klesva
ico_magmar Chief Torgor at Settlement of Chernag

First the Chief will ask for some First Aid kits to be brought to him containing of 10 Great Elixir of Life, 3 Blue Healing Scrolls and 2 Level 4 Elixir of Healing Wounds.  If you want you can buy it all direct in the shop at the settlement, although there is only grey healing scrolls but you can buy those and then use your Elt Cube to turn them blue.  If you don’t mind a little walk to City Square you can buy the Blue Healing scrolls directly in the shop there instead.  A small tips for Alchemists, it be cheaper to make the Level 4 Elixir of Healing Wounds then buying the pots from the shop.

After you have handing the First Aid kits over you will be asked to go and trash the Kretch Butcher with them.  Once you killed the Butcher you get a Steel Key from him, take the key into the Barracks and as you use the Key you be attacked by the Watch Leader’s Deputy and his funny gang of furry friends.  Once the fight is over, you can grab the Healing Potions and head to the Chief with them for your reward !

Purifying Rite – Level 8 and above
Reward: 100 Merchant Marks and a Bone Lock Pick

Quest Givers:
ico_human Samuel the Cleric at Wirgold Estate
ico_magmar Pymon the Monk at Manor of Budrimakh

The above NCP’s have a slight problem with Skeletons and asking for your help, starting with some ingredients such as 12 Collected Helta, 20 Esmerite Dust and 4 Silver Ink.  Once you have delivered those they give you two items in return that you need to defeat the Disease-Stricken Walkers that will prevent you from doing the ritual, which is a Censer and a Brush and Ink bottle.  To perform the rituals you have to go to 4 different locations:
ico_human Royal Tomb, Communal Grave, Graves of the Poor, and Vassals’ Tombs
ico_magmar Clan Burial Grounds, Place of Sorrow, Tomb of Kings and Forgotten Graves

The locations can be cleared in no particular order and once you are done return to the NCP’s for your awaited reward !

Your Soul is Mind, Dog – Level 8 and above
Reward: 120 Merchant Marks and a Burn Salve

Quest Givers:
ico_human Master Globius the Learned at Pacifist Hills
ico_magmar Avelius the Scholar at Thorn Apply Brushwood

These NCP’s need quiet a bit of resources though, you need to bring the following items; 6 Celestine Stones, 1 Magic Black Ink, 1 Piece of Regular Parchment, 1 Rough Bar, 1 Small Flint Glass Flask and 8 pcs of ico_human Licuoisflowers / ico_magmar Heat Flowers.  Once you brought them all resources they will make a Potion of Seeing the Dead for you, so that you can go to the following locations and obtain the Ghostly Souls they looking for.
ico_human Baurvill Hamlet, Village of Kingala and Virigiya District
ico_magmar Settlement of Faytir, Village Angriyar and Country Vurdaliya

Once you have the Ghostly Souls return and get your reward for your outstanding work !

The Wooden Killer – Level 9 and above
Reward: 100 Merchant Marks and a Prize Elixir of Strengthened Gift

Quest Givers:
ico_human Vaslav the Ranger at Light’s Edge
ico_magmar Hawken’s Lodge at Zviglod Grove

Now there is a murderous tree that need to be taken care of, unfortunately it can not be found that easily but you need a Hunters Amulet so it can find you instead !  But the NCP’s are out of resources to make said amulet so you are asked to obtain the following; 10 Magical Agate Ink, 10 Flurite Rocks and 10 Downpetal Plants.  Once they get said resources you will get the Amulet and can then go to the location ico_human Wild Forest / ico_magmar Thorn Apple Brushwood and to be found out by the murderous Arboris you have to kill a ico_human Old Pkhadd Bear / ico_magmar Orc Conquistador Skeleton and then the tree finds you and tries it’s best to overwhelm you with its numerous friends.

Annnnd yes, you guessed right, once fight is over return and claim your reward ! (To bad it wasn’t a flamethrower for next time you doing this quest !)

A Sabotage in the Port  – Level 9 and above
Reward: 136 Merchant Marks, a Tube of Half-Rotted Maps and a choice of Great Elixir of Wind / Great Amulet of Destruction / Purple Scroll of Rock Skin

Quest Givers:
ico_human Baird the Sailor at Virigiya District
ico_magmar Seymour the Sailor at Counrty Vurdaliya

After you chatted with the Sailor he sending you the Alchemist over at the Artisans Guild, ico_human Cagliostro or ico_magmar Veddun, to have him make a potion to lure out the monster that is troubling the sailor.  But, to make the potion the Alchemist need some blood from an Emperor Scorpion of course !  Once you, and probably a few others, have slayed said Scorpion and got the potion from the Alchemist you have to walk back and talk with the Sailor.  Before luring out the monster (that really is a King Phitzell, hopefully you have nothing against snakes !) the Sailor will offer you a bit assistance from his mates, but it cost you 1 gold and will mean it be more snakes to kill.

Once you killed the King of Snakes you will have the Sailors everlasting gratitude, well for a week at least, until the sneaky snake returns to pester the Sailor once again !

Krogan’s Attack! – Level 9 and above
Reward: 47 to 116 Merchant Marks, a Mysterious Knapsack and some Krogan Transformation Powder

Quest Givers:
ico_human Sentry Requt at Grand Fort Harbor
ico_magmar Sentry Groumer at Terror Wharf

The Sentry have heard some worrying rumours and want you to capture a Krogan so that he can question it thoroughly.  While he doing that he want you to go and buy some more weapons for his militia, he looking for one Halberd, one Cutthroat Broadsword and one Hunter Axe.  They can all be bought from the City Shop, unless there are some cheaper ones in Auction.  Once you return he has finish his interrogation with the Krogan and asks you to repel three attacks with some of his assembled militia men, to do this he gives you a Signal Horn to use at each of the locations;
ico_human Grand Fort Harbor, Luan Coast and Gryphon Crossing
ico_magmar Terror Wharf, Ancestral Mountains and Wyvern Crossing

After these three long and slightly boring fights you can return for your reward and next time you out hunting you can look like a lovely Krogan yourself !

Items that can be Bought with Merchant Marks

Item Amount Item Amount Item Amount Item Amount
bluebelt_260509 traderscoin-6200 big_red_bag traderscoin-5300 alkana_1_2 traderscoin-5000 8640 traderscoin-5000
pet_cerr_1 traderscoin-5000 codex_def_3 traderscoin-2000 codex_def_2 traderscoin-1000 codex_def_1 traderscoin-500
koll_legend_gn traderscoin-44 randomstory_1 traderscoin-7