The Estate

The Estate is your Player home in Faeo.  As you slowly build it up you be able to access more and more of the storage areas around Faeo, through your City Hall.   You can also build a Repository where you can freeze certain items.  You have two different Statue’s you can build, one for Experience which allows you to Increase or Decrease the Experience you gain from fighting mobs or on the Battlefields, and one for Valor which will add a certain extra percentage to the valor gained from battlefields but only up to a certain amount each day.

There is also a building where you can raise the experience of your pets, the Nursery.  Another building is like a hospitality for yourself, where you can  heal your injuries, which is the Infirmary.  You have a Workshop where your game “gnomes” will do the work for you producing resources from recipes that you have already learned, i.e. Collected Plants, Elixirs, making dust or inks and so on, all depending on your secondary Profession of course !  You also can build a Shop, where you can buy certain items that normally is spread around within Faeo, the higher the level of the Shop, the more items available for you.  And incase you worried about attacks, you can build a Wall around your Estate to protect you from monsters, Executioners or the Enemy Race.

Lastly you can build 1 of 6 different buildings that is used to produce resources for the Clan Citadel and it’s Buildings, which will be further explained elsewhere, those different buildings are located under Processing Plants.  Ohh and I almost forgot, you can also build a Portal, which for 2 energy per use can take you to certain locations around Faeo.

If you want to jump right to the different buildings that you can build, just use the sidebar navigation links.  Otherwise continue reading to learn more as to how to build up your Estate and the buildings within.

To be able to do any of the above mentioned things, you must have reached level 5 with your character and then purchase a piece of land somewhere within Faeo where you can build it.  To do so, open the global map and then go to the desired location of your choice and buy your land.  In the picture below you can see an Arrow that points to the button you have to click on to show the Estate Land plot prices.  The Red Square is the State [Game] Prices, which is a set price and as of writing this, is not increasing in price even if the Location is popular.  The Blue Square is Players offers to sell their land plots, so if lower or same price as the State price, would recommend that since someone be happy getting your gold and not wasting it to the State since that’s like throwing it into a deep well, just vanishing.

EstateBuyingArrow EstateLocation

You can buy a maximum of 2 land plots but can only have one Estate, the second plot is more if you want to move your Estate as your player grows within the game.  The cost of moving your Estate is m_game3 10, the move is instantly as soon as you confirmed it and everything is moved to the new location.  In the above picture Located is where your Estate is, Site is your secondary location, and if you have 2 plots you wont be able to see the Buy option as it shows in the other picture.

To start building you have to earn energy, which you do by either killing monsters, from PvP fights where you killed someone and get their scalp or from the Exchange within the Estate from each Building that you are making.  You wont be earning any energy until you bought your land plot and the amount of energy you can earn depends on your level.

Player Level Max Energy per Day Player Level Max Energy per Day
5 100 13 161
6 110 14 161
7 121 15 161
8 133 16 171
9 146 17 181
10 161 18 191
11 161 19 201
12 161 20 211

Now, the above only show the normal maximum amount of Energy you can earn on one day, with the elixir Second Wind you can earn double the amount of energy per day.  This elixir can be bought from the Trade Fair when it is in town.  The amount of energy that you can spend each day is unlimited though, so if you have an Energy Liqueur pot that you can drink, then you can use more energy on one day.  You can also buy energy from other players by using the Energy Exchange [pictured below], but you wont be able to buy more Energy then the amount of Riloite that you have in your backpack.  The energy counter resets each day at midnight Faeo time, but wont remove any of your gathered energy you got during the day so to earn more the day after you have to spend it first.


When you first enter your Estate there wont be any buildings there, just several building construction sites as shown in the two pictures below.  To start the construction of a building you have no choice but to start with the Town Hall, since no other building can be built before the Hall and no building can be of a higher level than of the Hall.


To start the construction of your first building, the Town Hall, you need to have Energy and Riloite in your backpack.  Riolite is what is used to build each building and at the start you can buy it from any construction site as you start building them.  It can be purchased either with coins, m_game2 2 per Riolite or with energy, where 2 units of energy gives you 5 riolites.  It can also be bought from other players directly, either through trade or they mailing it to you, since it can not be bought from Auction or Trade Exchange.

When you first have access to your Estate at level 5 you can only build the level 1 buildings within it.  As you level up in game then you can build further levels.  Don’t stress out and think you have to build all buildings per level of game character, there is mages still with only level 1 buildings since they don’t prioritises their Estate, instead selling energy, or using energy to buy riolite to sell to other players or buying different kind of potions for energy.  Energy for potions will be further explained within the Estate Shop section.