Yes, there is a Credits Page as well since all this information wouldn’t be possible to combined without others already doing part of it.  The information within this pages has been found at the following sites, and they are mentioned in no particular order of interest.

Legend: Legacy of the Dragon Info Site – Made by Present and Former Mentors at the COM server, unfortunately it has fallen into dispar hence this site was created to fill the void, but some of the information here has been gathered from there. – Official site of the Magmar Clan Barbarians from one of the dwar servers. – A site made by Mentors from all 4 dwar servers. – and of course also gathered information from the WarOfDragons own Library on occasions.

Pez – A helpful dude from COM server that has been kind enough to help with the Site Logo and on occasion proof read the site to point out eventually mistakes made.

More to follow as and when others have been helpful above and beyond normal courtesy.

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