Abandoned Smithy


Hidden in the depths of one of the caves of the ruined Elts Vale is an abandoned gnome workshop. This formerly sacred site of the gnome race hides a multitude of secrets, but they are only revealed to those who are able to overcome the terrible guard of the smithy – the Fire Golem [10] bot_info.

Instance is available for 24 hours every 7 days. Recommenced from level 6 and above, but can not be accessed until one have assembled and activated the Gnome Runes Pack of Cards. After killing the Fire Golem [10] bot_info you will receive the Fiery Heart, if you have read the Fiery Heart Guidebook, which is available at Secret Knowledge 6. For having read the Guidebook you will also be rewarded with 10 Juggernaut Reputation Points until you reach 2500 Juggernaut Reputations.

Location: To reach the Smithy you need to click on the Gnome Runes Pack of Cards when you are at ico_human Graves of the Poor or ico_magmar Place of Sorrow [not 100% sure, but going from where Magmars Gnome Spirit are located, which might be wrong, if anyone could confirm if it is right or wrong would be appreciated] and it will transport you to the Smithy Entrance.

Fire Golem [10] bot_info – HP and Hits is different due to players level
24637_golem_ava_prw_smCreated by ancient magic from the burning flame of the soulless guard of the Abandoned Smithy. For many centuries the Fire Golem has guarded the halls of the ancient sanctuary of the gnome race, without knowing sleep or rest, and harshly punishing anyone that dared enter the smithy.
Effects and whats needed to remove them, if one so wish.
53929_usilenie<By absorbing the power of the land, on which a gnome city at one time soared, the terrible Golem gathers strength to equal that of its opponent.
53929_boss_gloem_baf02The fire element raging in the body of the Golem creates a wall of flame around it, which defects the damage caused by its opponent.
53929_boss_gloem_baf01Using the power of fire, which breathed life into it, the Golem robs its opponent of part of their life and mana over a period of time.
To remove this effect use a Scroll of Antidote.
53929_boss_gloem_baf03Calling upon the ancient magic of the mountains, the Golem brings down a rockfall on an opponent that is restoring their strength, stunning them.
[Note: This effect only happens during the time the player drinking a heal pot or using heal scrolls/mana scrolls]
serdce_golema_181010.gifThe Fiery Heart drop always as long as the The Fiery Heart Guidebook has been read. kost_red1909The Relict Fossil is a random drop. It wont drop after player reached level 13.
Of the below Medallion Fragments, one always drop randomly.
[Once a player have all 5 Fragments they can start a quest to obtain a Golem Pet.
Or each Fragment can be handed in at anytime for 30 Gnome Coins.
oskol_pet_golem_1 oskol_pet_golem_2 oskol_pet_golem_3 oskol_pet_golem_4 oskol_pet_golem_5
There is also a 1/3 chance that a Gnome Rune will drop and they drop according to level.
Grey Gnome Runes Argo and Yaz for Players Level 6 to 7.
Green Gnome Runes Ezav and Khagann for Players Level 8 to 9.
Blue Gnome Runes Rayno and Terp for Players Level 10 to 11.
Purple Gnome Runes Fey and Frey for Players Level 12 to 13.
Red Gnome Runes Bego and Anguz for Players Level 14 to 15.
As mentioned above the Fire Golem’s HP are different due to the Players level as shown in the below table.
Level HP Level HP
6 1943 11 5634
7 2720 12 5829
8 3108 13 6217
9 3497 14 6450
10 3983 15 6994
Achievement for completing this Instance.
Since the Golem Pet can only be obtained if having access to this Instance a player can also get these Golem Pet Achievement’s.
d_golem_111010 d_golem10_111010 d_golem50_111010
pet_golem1 pet_golem2 pet_golem3 pet_golem4 pet_golem5


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