Bog Elf Swamp


An ancient swamp, engulfed in an aura of mystery as thick as a fog. A labyrinth of criss-crossing paths and passages, along which evil venomous monsters race. According to rumours, it is here that the terrible spawn of the ancient power of the swamp – the Bog Elf [9] bot_info . lives.

Instance is available for 12 hours every 3 days and it is recommended for players that has reached level 8.

Quest and Reputation:
The Boastful Admirer which is available from level 9 and the quest is given to you from ico_human Amelia in Mary’s Tavern at Baurvill Hamlet or ico_magmar Layla in The Gurraldiy’s Head at County of Vurdaliya.
After killing the Bog Elf [9] bot_info you will receive a Swamp Heart Flower, if you have read the Swamp Heart Guidebook which is available at Secret Knowledge 10. For having read the Guidebook you will also be rewarded with 10 Juggernaut Reputation Points until you reach 2000 Juggernaut Reputation.

Location: ico_human Foot of the Barrow and ico_magmar Mentaliya Settlement. To make it a bit easier to find your way around in the Bog Elf the below map has been provided for your benefit. BogElfMap

Bog Elf [9] bot_info – HP: 9202 Hits: 100-110
bolotnoechudo_smallSome time ago, the parents of this ungainly beast, considering their sickly and deformed child an evil gift of fate, took him to the swamp. They hoped their ugly offspring would be swallowed up for good, but the slimy marsh nurtured its adopted child. It completely erased all human characteristics from his face and gave him a monstrous power that means he poisons anyone who touches him, however lightly. The terrible monster grew strong and one day clambered out of the swamp. Since that day he has been exacting a terrible vengeance for his miserable life on anything that lives. More…
Effect and whats needed to remove them with.
bogalf_buketA stunningly beautiful flower with tremendous power born in the middle of a swamp – the Swamp Heart. This wondrous flower blooms twice during battle in moments of extreme danger on the chest of the terrifying Bog Elf. When it does, it cures its wounds revitalising the beast.
IMPORTANT: Need to bring Scroll of Antimagic to remove this effect!
bogalf_kamushA swamp plant, which was carefully nurtured by the bog, so that it could protect the Bog Elf. This incredibly powerful poisonous reed turns the damage you are inflicting on the monster against you.
Note: To remove this effect you need to use a Scroll of Charm Dispersal, be aware it can be thrown several times during the fight.
serdcebolot_blue The Swamp Heart Flower always drops as long as you have read the Swamp Heart Guidebook. kost_red1909 The Relict Fossil is a random drop. It wont drop after the player reached level 11.

Now, to make it more interesting on your way to fight the Bog Elf, there is 2 different kind of mobs in each of the 10 locations on your way to the Bog Elf. They can jump you for just being in the location so always be prepared for a fight as you walk through the Bog Elf. Well, there is actually 3 but 1 of the mobs only exist in 3 of the corners of the “map” and only 1 at said locations while the others are numerous.

Caustic Kakurt [9] bot_info – HP: 1492 Hits: 70-90
spider1_smallA long-term swamp resident, this bloodthirsty predator no longer escorts the swamp monster, Bog Elf, but simply lives alongside him. All it wants is to stuff its belly and so it lies in wait for its victims, attacking them suddenly, thrusting its sharp fangs in and releasing a fatal poison.
Caustic Phitzell [10] bot_info – HP: 1603 Hits: 80-90
Zmei_sm_080627One of the oldest residents of the swamp who tries to keep out of the way of others, such as the hateful henchmen of Bog Elf, and makes no effort to find allies. A treacherous loner, this snake hides amongst the swamp hummocks, lying in wait for its next victim, then attacking him by surprise and tearing him to shreds.
Both the Kakurt and the Phitzell uses the same effects.
baff_yadukusTakes 120 Life points in 40 Seconds.
To remove this effect use a Scroll of Antidote if needed.
Arboris Fungus [9] bot_info – HP: 1342 Hits: 60-80
Ent_02_sm_071221Ancient tree monsters, the bark of which is a favourite growing spot for various fungi. Centenarian Arborises are home to both harmless toadstools and the highly poisonous Shizka mushroom. The Shizka is a valuable mushroom, used for making sorcerer’s potions and elixirs.

To be able to get the above mentioned Shizka Mushroom the Player need to have read the below book, which can be bought once player has 8 Secret Knowledge Points. More often than not though, the drop is one of the worthless Toadstool’s. 21-well

spravkagribi_grey2301A rare mushroom with unique qualities, which is used for making hallucinogenic elixirs and extracts. They only grow on ancient Arborises, known as the Arboris Fungus. The Guidebook cost m_game3 13 and the Shizka Mushroom are used for players with Bringers of Evil Reputation when they want to make Charltan Liqueur
gribishizki_green1501 gribpoganka_grey2301 gribpoganka2_grey102

Walking through the Bog Elf you can also find Swamp Toad’s, which is needed to complete the Quest Swamp Toads, which give the player the ability to Inflate Toads and use them as weapons. Swamp Toads can sometimes also be found at Gurraldiy Korr’s home [1 pcs, not always there though] and once you have access to the Underwater World, you can find them at the Temple of Water [3 pcs].

Normal Toad
jaba_090126.gifUgly, slippery, green and covered in swamp slime, this toad is actually more useful than it looks.
The toad can be inflated and thrown at an enemy, covering him with the toxins contained in the toad’s warts. Inflating the toad is a dangerous process, because it could explode if not done with the same care and attention to detail that a Jeweller pays to his work.
Inflated Toad
jabanadut_090126A Swamp Toad which you have managed to inflate. Now you can throw it at your enemies and poison them with the toxins from the toad’s warts.
An enemy covered in toad poison will lose 360 life points in 240 sec.
Interval of use: 270 seconds. Can be dispelled with a Scroll of Antidote.
Achievement that can be done by doing this Instance.
Note though that although Toads can be found at other places the Bog Elf is the main area to find them at.
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