Gurralidy Korr’s Grotto


A cave located in a quiet and picturesque bay, which a Gurraldiy Korr [6] bot_info family has taken a fancy to.

Instance is available for 5 hours every 3 days. Recommended for player level 6 and above.

Location: ico_human Slumbering Bay inside the Black Gaar boat, accessible at Virigiya District and ico_magmar Bay of Silence inside the Dark Khavr accessible, at County Vurdaliya

Quest and Reputation:
Both Quests available from level 6:
Pandrik’s Terrible Sickness – Quest received from ico_human Vaslav the Ranger at Light’s Edge.
Soygura Inconsolable Love – Quest received from ico_magmar Soygura the Craftswoman at Square of Fire

After killing the Gurraldiy Korr [6] bot_info the player receive the Gurraldiy Korr Slime, if they have studied the Gurraldiy Slime Guidebook which can be bought once they have 6 Secret Knowledge points, and the player will also receive 10 Juggernaut Reputation points until they reach 500 Juggernaut Reputation.

Gurraldiy Korr [6] bot_info – HP 1784, Hits 90-120
sprut_smThis gigantic monster of the Balluar Ocean strikes terror into the hearts of Faeo’s inhabitants. A single blow from its enormous tentacles can destroy a whole company of warriors. The monster also attacks ships, smashing them to smithereens and dragging the unfortunate sailors to the bottom of the ocean and their watery graves.
Effects and whats needed to remove them with.
abil_gurr_1A deadly poison cloud released by the monster at an enemy takes 200 health points from them over 32 seconds.
If needed this poison can be removed with a Scroll of Antidote.
abil_gurr_2The furious monster, sensing death is close, draws energy from the ocean, restoring 40% of its life over 20 seconds.
abil_gurr_3Summoning the magic of the ocean, the monster casts magical shadows on opponents, inflicting 95 damage on 5 enemies.
slizkorra_blue2705 The Gurraldiy Korr Slime drop always as long as the Gurraldiy Korr Slime Guidebook has been read. kost_red1909 The Relict Fossil is a random drop. It wont drop after player reached level 7.
Achievements that can be had by doing this Instance.
smob_korr_1 smob_korr_10 smob_korr_50


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