Kretch Lair

An underground city founded by a Kretch Butcher [5] bot_info , in which he teaches his students the art of war, just as he once learned in a training camp destroyed by him.

Instance is available for 12 hours every 4 days and can be accessed by players from level 4 and above.

Quests and Reputation:
Captured Village for Humans and is given by ico_human Chief Kort at Settlement of Klesva or Occupied Village for Magmars and is given by ico_magmar Cheif Torgor at Settlement of Terror and both quests are accessible from level 4.

After killing the Kretch Butcher [5] bot_info you will receive a Butcher Eye, but ONLY if you are under the influence of the ico_human Rainbow or the ico_magmar Vertsida Flower at the time of killing the Butcher.  For this Superbeing you do not need any special Guidebook to receive Juggernaut Reputation, just to be under the influence of the above mentioned substance.  You will receive 10 Juggernaut Reputation until you reach 1,000 Reputation.

In the loctaion behind the Kretch Butcher lives another Superbeing, the Spider Patriarch [10] bot_info.  This Superbeing is accessible for players that has reached level 5, although if going in at a low-level bring plenty of summons, further explained below.  After killing the Spider Patriarch [10] bot_info you will receive a Female Ashen Spider Egg, if you have read the Female Ashen Spider Guidebook, which is available at Secret Knowledge 13.   For having read the guidebook you will also be rewarded with 10 Juggernaut Reputation points until you reach 2,500 Reputation.

Location: The entrance to the Underground passage is located at ico_human Free Medows or ico_magmar Smoky Knolls.

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