Plateau of Scorpions

This is a barren plateau that is the final resting place for mages that make a fatal mistake during one of the sacred rituals, and also for their loyal followers. A cave at the entrance to the plateau is the home of the Emperor Scorpion [11] bot_info , the strongest of his race. On the plateau itself you can find a unique obelisk, which endows travellers with the experience of souls that were defeated by them on the plateau.

Instance is available for 6 hours every 4 days and is recommended from player level 9 and above.

Location: ico_human Barrow of Sadness or ico_magmar Ridge of Darkness

Quest and Reputation:
Dangerous Pet – Accessible from level 11 and this quest is given to you from ico_human Arnica the Rider or ico_magmar Orfin the Beastmaster.
After killing the Emperor Scorpion [11] bot_info you will receive Emperor Scorpion Bile, if you have read the Emperor Scorpion Guidebook, which can be bought once you have 16 Secret Knowledge points. For having read the Guidebook you will also receive 10 Juggernaut Reputation points for killing the Emperor Scorpion, until you reach 2800 Juggernaut Reputation.

Emperor Scorpion [11] bot_info – HP: 26829 Hits: 140-170
skorpion-king_smThe most powerful of all scorpions, it is not called the Emperor for nothing! All living creatures back off at the first sight of this beast, an unbelievably strong monster, capable of cutting an adult Zorb in two with its pincers. But this strength is nothing compared to the potential of the scorpion’s fatal poison, stored in the stinger at the end of the tail. The scorpion has enough of this poison to wipe out an entire army. The Emperor Scorpion can be distinguished by its ability to summon a complete retinue of Scorpion Defenders at the first sign of danger, which will defend their sovereign to the last drop of their blood.
Effects and whats needed to remove them with.
lingraoncbaffThe next hit will stun the opponent for 12 seconds.
iad_scorpion_baffIncreases the probability of a critical hit to 100%.
iad_scorpion_baffTakes 120 life points in 40 sec.
If needed this Poison can be removed with a Scroll of Antidote.
kingscorppoison_blue The Emperor Scorpion Bile always drops as long as the Emperor Scorpion Guidebook has been read. kost_red1909The Relict Fossil is a random drop. It wont drop after player reached level 13.
Of the below Jewellers, one always drop randomly for players up to level 12,
if a level 13 is in group, no Jewellery will drop.
Level 11 Rings Level 12 Amulets
ring_s_crit_11_20080414 ring_s_resist_11_20080414 greybij_1 greybij_4 ring_s_crit_11_20080414 685_51 amul_gnev_1 amul_luck_1 greybij_7 greybij_9
ring_g_crit_11_20080414 ring_g_resist_11_20071203 greenbij_1 greenbij_4 ring_g_crit_11_20080414 ring_resist_2 amul_gnev_2 amul_luck_2 greenbij_7 greenbij_9
ring_b_resist_11_20071203 bluebij_1 bluebij_4 kolco_luck_blue ring_b_crit_11_20080414 bluebij_9 080909_amul_gnev_12_b 080909_amul_otr_12_b Amulet_bigluck_b bluebij_7

If the Emperor Scorpion is not killed within 15 minutes it will call a couple of friends to help out, 10 actually. They are in principle similar to the level 9 Scorpions that runs around in normal location. There might also be joiners from within the Cave where the Emperor Scorpion lives, since they respawn if killed, there is no need to clearing the room first hand anyway.

The Following Achievement can be done by visiting the Plateau of Scorpions.
smob_skorpion_1 smob_skorpion_10 smob_skorpion_50
find_obelisk_1 find_obelisk_10 find_obelisk_50


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