Jeweller Recipes

ico_human Esmeril
ico_magmar Korundum

You can become a Jeweler at level 3, all you need to do is a small quest for your respective Jeweler, whom you can find at the Guild House at City Square.  You will be asked to go and kill a Krogan [4] until they drop a Necklace, once you have the necklace you go back to the Jeweler and obtain your new Secondary Profession.  Normally Jeweler is paired with Geologist Profession.

Now, a Jeweler have loads, and I mean LOADS, of recipes they can learn so to make things a bit easier let start with just the recipes for normal all day stuff.  Most recipes can be bought from the Jeweler Shop but some can not and they are marked as to where those can be obtained.

Recipes for Level 0 - 29

Recipe Ingredients Product
sv1 agat-1 p_agat-5
sv1 aquamarin-1 p_aquamarin-5
sv1 biruza-1 p_biruza-5
sv1 p_biruza-50 p_agat-50 s_klever-1 s_omela-1 mag_talisman-1 malij_elexir_ragrysh-1

Recipes for Level 30 - 59

Recipe Ingredients Product
sv2 ametist-1 p_ametist-5
sv2 obsidiant-1 p_obsidiant-5
sv2 sapfir-1 p_sapfir-5
sv2 p_sapfir-50 p_obsidiant-50 s_iris-1 s_tysyachelistnik-1 mag_talisman-1 amul_destr_green-1

Recipes for Level 60 - 89

Recipe Ingredients Product
sv3 topaz-1 p_topaz-5
sv3 izumrud-1 p_izumrud-5
sv3 ruby-1 p_ruby-5
sv3 p_izumrud-30 p_ruby-30 s_anemon-1 s_mandragora-1 mag_talisman-1 destr_amulet_blue-1

Recipes for Level 90 - 119

Recipe Ingredients Product
sv4 almaz-1 p_almaz-5
sv4 p_almaz-60 s_beladonna-1 mag_talisman-1 4-1

Recipes for Level 120 - 149

Recipe Ingredients Product
This Recipe can only be obtained once you have 2000 Relic Seekers Reputation
and can then be bought from the Relic Shop.
red_dust_rec mineral_eldorill-1 eldorill_dust-1
sv4 res_legkoe_serebro-5 res_vkusnocvet-1 ico_human res_serebr_lepestok-5
sv4 res_legkoe_serebro-5 res_jar-tsvet-1 ico_magmar res_serebr_lepestok-5
sv1 res_kovkii_kamen-5 res_serebr_lepestok-12 res_perlamutr-6 mag_talisman-1 Talisman_uni_gy_080711-1

Recipes for Level 150 - 179

Recipe Ingredients Product
sv4 st150_60x60_2-1 pow_esmerat_150-5
sv4 st150_60x60_3-1 pow_fiolin_150-5
sv4 res_krov_drakona-1 magicteeth_081112-3 ingr_pyl_drkrov-5
sv2 pow_fiolin_150-20 sb_helta_150-3 sb_kuvshinnik_150-3 mag_talisman-1 Talisman_uni_gn_080711-1

Recipes for Level 180 - 209

Recipe Ingredients Product
sv4 st180_60x60_2-1 pow_celestin_180-5
sv4 st180_60x60_3-1 pow_kaholong_180-5
Require possession of the Eldorill Dust recipe and to have learned Treatise On Rare Minerals I
red_dust_rec eldorilcrystal_090209-12 magicteeth_081112-36 eldorildust_090209-2
sv4 res_panc_dinihtis-6 magicteeth_081112-13 res_kroshka_dinihtis-18
sv3 pow_kaholong_180-50 sb_tintin_180-3 res_charmedlist_hosta-15 res_dym_flyuorit-15 mag_talisman-1 Talisman_uni_b_080711-1

Recipes for Level 210 - 239

Recipe Ingredients Product
sv4 st210_60x60_3-1 pow_ledyannik_210-5
sv4 st210_60x60_2-1 pow_verdelit_210-5
sv4 res_legkoe_serebro-18 whisker_hum-5 ico_human silver_whisker-25
sv4 res_legkoe_serebro-18 whisker_magm-5 ico_magmar silver_whisker-25
sv4 pow_verdelit_210-50 sb_lefert_210-5 res_poison-15 silver_whisker-15 mag_talisman-1 Talisman_uni_m_080711-1
This recipe can only be obtained by doing the Level 11 quest New Recipes.
magrec_tal1 silver_whisker-182 res_dym_flyuorit-70 res_poison-82 magical_stone-38 mag_talisman-1 magtal_razrush1-1

Recipes for Level 240 - 269

Recipe Ingredients Product
rec_pow_240_fio k_armedenyak_60x60-1 11_powd_armedjank-5
rec_pow_240_fio k_smaraglys_60x60-1 11_powd_smaraglys-5
rec_pow_240_fio k_korganyt_60x60-1 11_powd_korganit-5
Require possession of the Recipe for Pure Eldorill Dust and to have learned Treatise On Rare Minerals II
red_dust_rec eldorilcrystal_300610-12 magicteeth_081112-30 eldorildust_300610-2
These recipes are obtained from the instance Enchanted Forest
and are Non Transferable.
Recipe Ingredients Product
rock_recipe_green_240 forest_inst_green_rock-1 rock_dust_green_240-5
rock_recipe_blue_240 forest_inst_blue_rock-1 rock_dust_blue_240-5
rock_recipe_purp_240 forest_inst_purp_rock-1 rock_dust_purp_240-5
rock_recipe_green_240 rock_dust_green_240-5 11_ink_zhabren-5 11_sbor_araksha-2 11_powd_korganit-50 mag_talisman-1 magtal_razrush2-1
rock_recipe_blue_240 rock_dust_blue_240-5 11_ink_zhabren-8 11_sbor_araksha-3 11_powd_korganit-75 mag_talisman-1 magtal_razrush3-1
rock_recipe_purp_240 rock_dust_purp_240-5 11_ink_zhabren-10 11_sbor_araksha-4 11_powd_korganit-100 mag_talisman-1 magtal_razrush4-1

Recipes for Level 270 - 299

Recipe Ingredients Product
dw_item_juvelir_1 k_rutian_60x60-1 12_powd_rutian-5
dw_item_juvelir_1 k_karyatid_60x60-1 12_powd_kariatid-5
dw_item_juvelir_1 k_lagr_60x60-1 12_powd_gornlagr-5

Recipes for Level 300 - 329

Recipe Ingredients Product
rec_pow_240_green k_stalaktys_60x60-1 13_powd_stalaktys-5
rec_pow_240_green k_diralin_60x60-1 13_powd_diralin-5
rec_pow_240_green k_sumerit_60x60-1 13_powd_sumerit-5

Recipes for Level 330 - 359 < These not yet Introduced at COM Server >

Recipe Ingredients Product
rec_pow_240_blue k_geliodor_60x60-1 14_powd_geliodor-5
rec_pow_240_blue k_hrizopraz_60x60-1 14_powd_hrizopraz-5
rec_pow_240_blue k_olivyn_60x60-1 14_powd_olivyn-5

Recipes for Level 360 - 389 < These not yet Introduced at COM Server >

Recipe Ingredients Product
rec_pow_240_fio k_liros_60x60-1 15_powd_liros-5
rec_pow_240_fio k_okeanit_60x60-1 15_powd_okeanit-5
rec_pow_240_fio k_zhilmaryn_60x60-1 15_powd_zhilmatyn-5

And to make things even easier there has been 3 separate pages made for each fighting style and what Runes and Elements those can use to improve their Armour.  Can either use the links in the sidebar or click directly on one of the below links.

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