Sorcerer Recipes

ico_magmar Khorsungum the Mage
ico_human Arnabag the Mage

To become a Sorcerer, you have to reach level 3 and then go to one of the above NCP’s and do a little quest; Kill 3 Purple Zigred [4] and then when you come back they have a little quiz for you, if you fail, you have to go back and kill 3 more Purple Zigreds.

Normal first profession to go with Sorcerer is Fisher Person.  All the below recipes, part from one that is from a Quest and a couple more from an Instance, all the recipes can be bought from the Sorcerer Shop at ico_magmar Gorge of Gondi and ico_human Barrow of Sadness.
To be able to see the amount of Ingredients needed for each Recipe, just move your mouse over the pictures and a little text box will appear.

Recipes for level 0 - 29 Skill

Recipe Ingredients Product
new1 m-fish-2 ico_magmar ink1-1
new1 l-sazan-2 ico_human ink1-1
new1 m-karp-2 ico_magmar ink5-1
new1 l-vobla-2 ico_human ink5-1
new1 ink1-2 p_agat-2 blank-6 hot1_gray-6
new1 ink5-4 p_aquamarin-3 blank3-3 dot1_gray-3
new1 ink1-3 p_agat-2 p_aquamarin-3 blank4-1 battleresgray-1
new1 ink1-3 ink5-3 p_agat-10 p_aquamarin-15 blank-1 svitoc_kamen_koj_ser-1

Recipes for level 30 - 59 Skill

Recipe Ingredients Product
new2 m-lesh-2 ico_magmar ink2-1
new2 i-amur-2 ico_human ink2-1
new2 m-karas-2 ico_magmar ink6-1
new2 l-lin-2 ico_human ink6-1
new2 ink2-1 ink6-1 p_sapfir-1 blank2-3 antidot_green-3
new2 ink2-1 ink6-1 p_obsidiant-1 blank2-3 dispellhot_green-3
new2 ink2-3 ink6-3 p_obsidiant-2 p_ametist-4 blank-6 hot1_green-6
new2 ink2-3 ink6-3 p_sapfir-1 p_obsidiant-2 blank3-3 dot1_green-3
new2 ink2-1 ink6-2 p_ametist-4 p_sapfir-3 blank4-1 battleresgreen-1
new2 ink2-3 ink6-3 p_ametist-15 p_obsidiant-15 blank4-1 svitoc_kamen_koj_green-1

Recipes for level 60 - 89 Skill

Recipe Ingredients Product
new3 m-shuka-2 ico_magmar ink3-1
new3 l-keta-2 ico_human ink3-1
new3 ink3-2 p_ruby-2 p_izumrud-2 blank-6 hot1_blue-6
new3 ink3-3 p_izumrud-3 p_topaz-2 blank3-3 dot1_blue-3
new3 ink3-2 p_topaz-1 p_ruby-2 blank4-1 battleresblue-1
new3 ink3-1 p_topaz-1 p_izumrud-2 blank2-4 antidot_blue-3
new3 ink3-1 p_ruby-1 p_topaz-2 blank2-4 dispellhot_blue-4
new3 ink3-4 p_topaz-15 p_izumrud-15 blank3-1 13-1

Recipes for level 90 - 119 Skill

Recipe Ingredients Product
new4 res_bagr_sterlad-2 res_chernila_lilovye-1
new4 res_chernila_lilovye-1 p_almaz-1 blank-6 hot1_purp-6
new4 res_chernila_lilovye-1 p_almaz-1 blank2-5 antidot_purple-5
new4 res_chernila_lilovye-1 p_almaz-1 blank2-5 dispellhot_purple-5
new4 res_chernila_lilovye-2 p_almaz-1 blank3-3 dot1_purple-3
new4 res_chernila_lilovye-1 p_almaz-1 blank4-1 battlerespurp-1
new4 res_chernila_lilovye-7 p_almaz-23 blank4-1 14-1

Recipes for level 120 - 149 Skill

Recipe Ingredients Product
red_ink_rec 10-1 yellow_ink-1
new4 res_ogn_serdolik-1 res_kogot_demon-1 ico_human res_kovkii_kamen-2
new4 res_yantar-1 res_kogot_demon-1 ico_magmar res_kovkii_kamen-2
new4 res_kovkii_kamen-1 res_kogot_demon-1 res_serebr_lepestok-1 weakn_gy_080801-10
new4 res_kovkii_kamen-1 res_serebr_lepestok-1 magicteeth_081112-3 47975_3_103_172637_145-10
new4 res_kovkii_kamen-1 res_serebr_lepestok-1 res_zigred_kislota-3 blank-6 weakn_skr_gr_080801-6
new4 res_kovkii_kamen-1 res_serebr_lepestok-1 res_legkoe_serebro-5 blank-6 svit_vozd1-6
new4 res_kovkii_kamen-14 res_serebr_lepestok-42 res_perlamutr-19 magicteeth_081112-200 blank4-1 executioner_attack_gy-1
new4 res_kovkii_kamen-20 res_serebr_lepestok-59 res_perlamutr-26 magicteeth_081112-280 blank4-1 l1-1

Recipes for level 150 - 179 Skill

Recipe Ingredients Product
new4 f150_60x60_2-2 ink_kato_150-1
new4 f150_60x60_3-2 ink_svetl_150-1
new4 res_hrust_osetr-2 magicteeth_081112-4 ingr_purpur_ink-1
new4 ink_svetl_150-1 pow_fiolin_150-1 weakn_gn_080801-10
new4 ink_kato_150-1 pow_fiolin_150-1 47975_3_103_172637_144-10
new4 ink_svetl_150-1 pow_esmerat_150-1 blank-6 weakn_skr_gn_080801-6
new4 ink_kato_150-1 pow_esmerat_150-1 blank-6 svit_vozd2-6
new4 ingr_purpur_ink-7 ink_svetl_150-8 ink_kato_150-8 pow_fiolin_150-15 ingr_pyl_drkrov-15 magicteeth_081112-260 blank4-1 executioner_attack_gn-1
new4 ingr_purpur_ink-10 ink_svetl_150-12 ink_kato_150-17 pow_esmerat_150-17 ingr_pyl_drkrov-12 magicteeth_081112-364 blank4-1 bloody_attack-1

Recipes for level 180 - 209 Skill

Recipe Ingredients Product
new4 f180_60x60_2-2 ink_krylatka_180-1
new4 f180_60x60_3-2 ink_riffa_180-1
red_ink_rec caviar_090209-12 magicteeth_081112-36 amberink_090209-2
new4 res_hosta-5 res_kogot_demon-4 res_charmedlist_hosta-15
new4 ink_krylatka_180-1 pow_kaholong_180-1 res_charmedlist_hosta-1 res_kroshka_dinihtis-1 res_dym_flyuorit-1 weakn_b_080801-10
new4 ink_riffa_180-1 pow_kaholong_180-1 res_charmedlist_hosta-1 res_kroshka_dinihtis-1 res_dym_flyuorit-1 47975_3_103_172636_143-10
new4 ink_krylatka_180-1 pow_celestin_180-1 res_charmedlist_hosta-1 res_kroshka_dinihtis-1 res_dym_flyuorit-1 blank-6 weakn_skr_b_080801-6
new4 ink_riffa_180-1 pow_celestin_180-1 res_charmedlist_hosta-1 res_kroshka_dinihtis-1 res_dym_flyuorit-1 blank-6 svit_vozd3-6
new4 ink_krylatka_180-14 pow_kaholong_180-62 res_charmedlist_hosta-50 res_kroshka_dinihtis-42 res_dym_flyuorit-25 magicteeth_081112-338 blank4-1 executioner_attack_b-1
new4 ink_riffa_180-20 pow_celestin_180-85 res_charmedlist_hosta-71 res_kroshka_dinihtis-59 res_dym_flyuorit-35 magicteeth_081112-473 blank4-1 bloody2_attack-1

Recipes for level 210 - 239 Skill

Recipe Ingredients Product
new4 f210_60x60_3-2 ink_udilschik_210-1
new4 f210_60x60_2-2 ink_puzirnik_210-1
new4 hromit-5 res_kogot_demon-4 ico_human magical_stone-10
new4 magnetit-5 res_kogot_demon-4 ico_magmar magical_stone-10
new4 ink_puzirnik_210-2 pow_ledyannik_210-2 magical_stone-2 res_poison-2 silver_whisker-1 weakn_m_080801-10
new4 ink_udilschik_210-2 pow_ledyannik_210-2 magical_stone-2 res_poison-2 silver_whisker-1 47975_3_103_172635_142-10
This recipe can only be obtained by doing the Level 11 quest New Recipes.
magrec_koga1 magical_stone-42 res_poison-45 silver_whisker-197 res_kroshka_dinihtis-121 mag_svitok-1 svitok_magkoga1-1
new4 ink_puzirnik_210-2 pow_verdelit_210-2 magical_stone-2 res_poison-2 silver_whisker-1 blank-6 weakn_skr_m_080801-6
new4 ink_udilschik_210-2 pow_verdelit_210-2 magical_stone-2 res_poison-2 silver_whisker-1 blank-6 svit_vozd4-6

Recipes for level 240 - 269 Skill

Recipe Ingredients Product
rec_ink_240_fio r_zhabren_60x60-2 11_ink_zhabren-1
rec_ink_240_fio r_fiussa_60x60-2 11_ink_fiussa-1
rec_ink_240_fio r_zlatenica_60x60-2 11_ink_zlatenica-1
red_ink_rec caviar_300610-12 res_zigred_kislota-32 golden_ink_300610-2
rec_kold_240_grey 11_ink_zlatenica-1 11_powd_smaraglys-3 blank-9 mag_slab_svit_1-9
rec_kold_240_grey 11_ink_fiussa-1 11_powd_armedjank-3 blank-9 mag_vozd_svit_1-9
These recipes are obtained from the instance Enchanted Forest
and are Non Transferable.
Recipe Ingredients Product
fish_recipe_green_240 forest_inst_green_fish-2 fish_ink_green_240-1
fish_recipe_blue_240 forest_inst_blue_fish-2 fish_ink_blue_240-1
fish_recipe_purp_240 forest_inst_purp_fish-2 fish_ink_purp_240-1
fish_recipe_green_240 fish_ink_green_240-1 11_ink_zhabren-10 11_sbor_araksha-4 11_powd_korganit-100 mag_svitok-2 svitok_magkoga2-2
fish_recipe_blue_240 fish_ink_blue_240-1 11_ink_zhabren-15 11_sbor_araksha-6 11_powd_korganit-150 mag_svitok-2 svitok_magkoga3-2
fish_recipe_purp_240 fish_ink_purp_240-1 11_ink_zhabren-20 11_sbor_araksha-8 11_powd_korganit-200 mag_svitok-2 svitok_magkoga4-2

Recipes for level 270 - 299 Skill

Recipe Ingredients Product
rec_ink_240_grey r_shutiha_60x60-2 12_ink_shutiha-1
rec_ink_240_grey r_skrubus_60x60-2 12_ink_skrubus-1
rec_ink_240_grey r_shu_60x60-2 12_ink_shu-1
rec_kold_240_green 12_ink_skrubus-1 12_powd_kariatid-4 blank-9 mag_slab_svit_2-9
rec_kold_240_green 12_ink_shutiha-1 12_powd_rutian-4 blank-9 mag_vozd_svit_2-9

Recipes for level 300 - 329 Skill

Recipe Ingredients Product
rec_ink_240_green r_diskus_60x60-2 13_ink_diskus-1
rec_ink_240_green r_narlyn_60x60-2 13_ink_narlin-1
rec_ink_240_green r_chiappa_60x60-2 13_ink_chiappa-1
rec_kold_240_blue 13_ink_diskus-1 13_powd_sumerit-7 blank-9 mag_slab_svit_3-9
rec_kold_240_blue 13_ink_narlin-1 13_powd_stalaktys-7 blank-9 mag_vozd_svit_3-9



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