City Reputations

Dartrong City Square O’Delvays City Square

This is a Reputation that do not influence your Reputation Rating, but it will give you the option to buy certain goods from the City Square’s or  Daylight Square /  Square of Fire Shops.

There is three different ways to gain City Reputation.

  • Completing recurring Quests
  • Completing Quests
  • Handing in Efrils

Completing Recurring Quests, same for both Races.

Required level Quest Possible Reputation Points
3 Village Patrol
Can be done every 5 day and until you are Mage.
5 Iron Five Tournament
Recures every 7 days, at level 5 you gain 10 City Rep, then it decreases with 2 City Rep per level you gain. Also receive 3 Rare Poisoning scrolls at Completion of this Tournament.
2 – 10
6 Bloodbattle Tournament
Recures every 2 day’s, there is 5 fights, for each completed fight you gain 5 City Rep and earn 5. Can be done until you either reach 6.000 City Reputation or become a Mage.
5 – 25
11 War Mages Tournament
You fight level 12 – 14 opponents, the higher the level of Opponent, the more City Rep you gain.
30 – 50

Completing Quests

Required Level Human Quests Magmar Quests
1 Weapons Delivery Weapons Delivery
Big hunt for Wild Hounds Big hunt for Wild Hounds
Elixirs of Courage Elixir of Courage
2 Damirus’s Heartbreak Stone of Revelations
Collar of Gidver’s Dog
3 Continuation of Search for Orlufia The Secret of the Stone Revelations
The Wedding of the Warden’s Daughter Ham for Saysha
The Stolen Wallet Team Invitation
A Spoot of Devilry A Spoot of Devilry
Thistles and the Peasant’s Heirloom Counterintelligence
Creation of the Little People
4 Infested River Zarat A Natural Vaccine Against Curses
Captured Village Occupied Village
Attack of the Gordt’s The ill-fated Casket
Rescue of Orlufia The Opening Gambit
Troubles at the Mill Murder of the Ambassador of Humans.
Book of Basard: Page 5 A Scalping knife for a Gift
Gold Diamond Ring A Profitable Deal
Galmakhar’s Helmet Galmakhar’s Helmet
Call-to-Arms Call to Arms
Providential Pages
Fighting the Provocateurs
5 A Great Journey The Ultimate Gambit
Power of the Rainbow Restoration of Vertsida’s Statue
Edera’s Banishment Edera’s Banishment
6 Battle of the War Mages Battle of the War Mages
Exorcism for Orlufia Resurrection of the Chaos Demigod
7 Grimoire of Death The Book of the Dead
Under Suspicion Under Suspicion
8 Showdown with Grotz’s Gang Showdown with Grotz’s Gang

Handing in Efrils

Elder Baguron Elder Verkiry
Baguron  Verkiry

If going to the Elders for your Race, then you will be given the option to hand in 1, 10, 30 or 100 Efril’s.  The more Efril’s you hand in at one time, the more City Reputation will you be getting.
1 pcs
10 pcs
30 pcs
100 pcs
1 City Rep 12 City Rep 38 City Rep 130 City Rep

Now, you probably wondering what your City Reputation can get you in the City Shops, but you wont find that on this page, instead you got to pop over to the Shops Around Faeo page or better yet, just click here and you get there directly.


Ohh I almost forgot, as you earn your City Reputation there is 5 occasions where you also get some Achievements.

500 1500 4000 8000 12000

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