Reputation Rating

Reputation Rating [RR to make it short] is a way for a Player to gain access to better items to improve ones Character.  It is counted from the amount and color of a Players Badges.


The above picture is showing all different colors a Badge can have.  If the right arrow shows red, as in the above picture, that means more badges can be found by clicking the arrow.

Medal Conditions Points
med_lov_ten_ser Recognition Medal, received when reaching 500 RR Points of one Specific Reputation. 10
medalchaos_green0711  Friendship Medal, received when reaching 1000 RR Points of one Specific Reputation. 20
medaliskatelia_blue0611  Respect Medal, received when reaching 2000 RR Points of one Specific Reputation. 50
medallotos_fio  Honor Medal, received when reaching 3000 RR Points of one Specific Reputation. 100
medalnezhit_red1912  Worship Medal, received after having performed a Special Quest of one Specific Reputation. 300

As can seen from the table, each Badge is worth a certain amount of RR.  A Grey Badge is worth 10 RR, Green 20 RR and so on.  If looking at the “Sallads Bar” we can see those badges that are visible, has a total worth of 530 RR.

To find out your own RR open your backpack, click on the tab Attributes and then look under Reputation.
[To view the picture better, click on it and it opens full size in a new window.]


Now, to find out what exciting items you can buy depending on your RR you have to go over here to find that out.  But before going there, you might want to have a look at Available RR for each Level, since the update in May 2013 there has been restrictions as to which Reputation you can do and how much per level.
[Clicking on a Medal will bring you to that Reputations Information Page within this site, to come back to this Page just hit the Back Button]

Character Level Available Medals Maximum RR
1  fortuna_orden_fio 100
2  medaliskatelia_green0611 120
3  medalnezhit_grey1912 medalricar_green0611 150
4  beasthunter_grey medalnoch_green medaliskatelia_blue0611 medalricar_fio
medallotos_green OR medaltopor_green
5  medalzla_red1812 medaldobra_red1412 medaliskatelia_red medalricar_red medalchaos_red1311
fortuna_orden_red medalnoch_red medaltopor_red OR medallotos_red
6  medalnezhit_red1912 sea_orden_red 3010
7 – 10  medal_prirody_red medal_proklya_red medal_drakon_red medalvelbitva_red_200208 4210
11 – 15 beasthunter_red medal_pokrov_pet5 med_lov_ten_red medal_eldiv_redmedal_krof_red
r_idolvod5 r_idolvoz5 m_xran_magii5
16 med_rasx_1 6010



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