Bringers of Evil


This dude is the curator of all Bringer’s of Evil [BoE for short] in Faeo, both for Humans and Magmars. He lives in the Bringers of Evil Den which you can find at ico_human Wasteland of Rest and ico_magmar Eclipse Thicket.

To start BoE you need to be level 5, you don’t actually need a 3rd profession to do BoE but most that does this Reputation are also Executioners.  One can also be a Locksmith if one so wish.  Anyway, to start BoE Reputation you need to go to Fanatic and start the quest Bringers of Evil Initiation.  Fanatic will ask you for 9 Evil Eye’s and 15 Bringer of Evil Skulls.  In return you will be given 3 hexes, a Executioner Hex, a Healer Hex and a Champion Hex, and as the name says, you need to Hex 1 Executioner, 1 Healer and 1 player with the rank of Champion or higher.  You can hex 1 player twice if they happen to have both requirements, i.e. a Champion that is also a Healer ! 14-wink

Completing the Initiation will give you 500 Experience and 10 BoE Reputation points.  Then after that, you need to hex other players, preferable your enemies !  But you can also hex friends if they agree to it to make your BoE reputation raise faster.  The below table will show you what needed and each Hex you create will give you 10 BoE Reputation points until you reach each stage, i.e. for Sickly Hex, once you reach 1.000 BoE reputation you can still make a Sickly hex, but you will not receive any BoE reputation, until you make a Swamp hex.

Reputation Hex Curse Requirements
None porchelnikprostoi curse glazhaosa2-3 cherepkvest3-5
1000 porchelnik1 utoplen_buff glazhaosa2-4 cherepkvest3-5
2000 porchelnikgeenni bafog_vihr glazhaosa2-5 cherepkvest3-5

However, there is a couple Quests that can be done that give you BoE reputation as a reward.

Quest Requirement Reward
Under Suspicion Level 7 7000 Exp & 20 BoE Reputation & Choice of a Blue Rockskin, Wind or Amulet of Destruction
Arrash’s Skeleton Keys 500 BoE Rep 500 Exp, 20 BoE Reputation and 15 Pcs of Rare Scroll of Healing
Theft of the Efril Replicator 500 BoE Rep 30 BoE Reputation

The quest Under Suspicion is given out by ico_human Warlord Damirus at O’Delvay Arena and ico_magmar Warlord Gidver at Dartrong Arena.  Both the other quests, Arrash’s Skeleton Keys and Theft of the Efril Replicator, is given out by ico_magmar Chigrik the Thief at Glade of Dreams and ico_human Golum the Swindler at Barrow of Sadness.

Reputation Badge Award Resources
500 medalzla_grey0611 suriken1_200208 iadrozakluch amul_golovor_gr glazhaosa2-147 cherepkvest3-245
Note: There is 3 Eye and 5 Skull less at first stage due to you got 10 BoE reputation from the Initiation quest.
1000 medalzla_green0611 suriken2_200208 iadrozakluch2 amul_ataman_gr nastoysorvigolova_green1501 glazhaosa2-150 cherepkvest3-250
2000 medalzla_blue0611 suriken3_200208 iadrozakluch3 receptsorvig_blue1501 glazhaosa2-400 cherepkvest3-500
amulet_buyaka_1 iadrosmert_fio1511 figurkabuyaki090722 blackdragonfio0911
glazhaosa2-500 cherepkvest3-500
Worship posoxzla_red amulet_shankara_090701 ugolekblue_090512 glazhaosa2-500

Once you reach 500 BoE reputation you get access to the inner sanctuary and one of the rooms in there is the Teleport Cave.

BoE TeleportFrom left to right you can use the doors to come to the following locations. [For Magmars not 100% sure if it is right, so please fell free to leave a comment if it is wrong]

ico_human Wirgold Estate ico_magmar Manor of Budrimakh
ico_human Free Medows ico_magmar Smoky Knolls
ico_human Glade of Oblivion ico_magmar Mentaliya Foothills
ico_human Graves of the Poor ico_magmar Glade of Dreams
ico_human White Reef* ico_magmar White Reef*
*teleportation is available from level 11 after completing the Invincible Army quest
[but as of this moment the teleport is still closed]


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