Sylph Air Goddess

npc_silfea silfius

Description: The Habu tribe has long worshiped a menacing goddess, who controls air elements, in the hope of achieving her blessings and protection. The immortal Sylph graciously accepts the offerings of the clever bug-eyed creatures and provides them with all kinds of benefits as well as revealing the mysteries of ancient magic to them to help them overcome their enemies.

This Reputation can be started once a Player reaches level 11.

To start this Reputation the Player need to have completed the Quest for Isles of Swirling Mist, since the NCP, the Sylph Air Goddess whom the Habus calls Sylphius, is located at White Reef.  Acceptable offering is 1 sort of Resources from any of the three (3) different professions, Idalle or Evil Eyes.  Player also need to bring a Water Sphere and Small Potion of Success with the offering.  The exact amount are shown in the below table.

From 0 to 1499 Reputation
Chance 11_ink_zlatenica 11_ink_zhabren 11_sbor_yarkocvet 11_sbor_araksha
1 % 17 17 6 6
50 % 39 39 14 14
100 % 78 78 28 28
11_powd_smaraglys 11_powd_korganit glazhaosa2 bojestchastica_091207
1 % 150 150 1 2
50 % 350 350 3 5
100 % 700 700 5 10

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