Worship Requirements

For a bit better overview of the requirements for the Red Badges, decided to do a separate page for those.  Have linked the names to respective reputation page though.

Reputation Level Badge Requirement
Bringers of Evil 5 medalzla_red1812 glazhaosa2-500
Brotherhood of Virtue 5 medaldobra_red1412 emonaciadobra-15000
Destroyers of Chaos 5 medalchaos_red1311 chaosresamul_red0612-20 chaosamultravm_0612-10 chaosmoshelik_red0612-400 chaosvampirik_red0612-300 chaosbloodelik_red0612-100 chaoslifeelik_red0612-300 chaosgig_red0412-150 chaosdragon_0410-25 mechuiarmo_2210-1 shituiarmo-1 naplechnikiuiarmo_2210-1 shlemuiarmoblue0709-1
Note: There is 7 offerings with the above Items, in between each offering the Player have to do a fight, each time the Chaos monster is stronger than the previous. To find out more read this separate page for Chaos Worship.
Hunters of Fortune 5 fortuna_orden_red divn_pesok020211-1000
Night Stealers
ico_human + ico_magmar
5 medalnoch_red demonkub_green-50 demonkub_blue-50 demonkub_fio-50
Red Axes
5 medaltopor_red demonkub_green-50 demonkub_blue-50 demonkub_fio-50
Stone Lotus
5 medallotos_red demonkub_green-50 demonkub_blue-50 demonkub_fio-50
Relic Seekers 5 medaliskatelia_red ognevikgreen1009-1000 feigoblue1009-500 maskahorrorblue_0310-10 ksleshshkatulka_fio2709-3 scullbokal_red2709-1
Underground Knights 5 medalricar_red The Tournament of Worship.
Hunters of the Undead 6 medalnezhit_red1912 cherepkvest3-100 mrakmech_red-1
Note: Bring 100 Skulls to the Catacombs, and with a Team, beat the Dragon and obtain the Sword to be handed in to Shiko the Paladin. If player would fail, bring another 100 Skulls and do it again.
Flaundins 6 sea_orden_red rokovina_040909-550 replikatorefrilaempty-1
Note: If Player have not bought a Efril Replicator in the past, go and buy it from ico_human Samary or ico_magmar Menachem for m_game3 30.  Otherwise it can be bought from ico_human Gloum the Swindler or ico_magmar Chigrik the Theif for m_game3 60.
God of the Cursed and Dead 7 medal_proklya_red res_hrust_osetr-4759 ingr_sbor_poveitrv-450 res_serebr_lepestok-11655
Goddess Aladeya 7 medal_prirody_red ingr_pyl_drkrov-12660 res_povei-trava-2875 res_kovkii_kamen-5340
Great Dragon 7 medal_drakon_red res_krov_drakona-3286 ingr_purpur_ink-1845 res_perlamutr-7890
Great Battle 7 medalvelbitva_red_200208 glazhaosa2-100 cherepkvest3-300 leather_green-30 metal_plate_green-30 bojestchastica_091207-30 kombokub_green-30 kombokub_blue-5 kombokub_fio-1
Note: In addition to the above Items, the Player also need 1,000 Great Battle Victories, 300 Scalps, and then do 3 fights in the name of the Gods.
Juggernauts 11 beasthunter_red  Go to the Temple of Truth and by calling powerful Supercreature Spirits using Celestial Mercury obtain 200 Lirios.
More detailed information to follow.
Kroffdors 11 medal_krof_red eldserdce_090702-400 krofzaryad_green-50
Eldives 11 medal_eldiv_red krofserdce_090702-400 eldzaryad_green-50
Pet Patronage 11 medal_pokrov_pet5 giambirseeds_300610-100 caviar_090209-100 eldorilcrystal_090209-100 11491_fragmen_cepi-50 q_subs_gizni-500 nezhitelik1_red-5 kristallugol_blue2310-190 OR kombokub_fio-10
Note: To finish the Worship Quest the player has to Expose Belinda and defeat her in a fight to obtain the Substance Repository.
Shadow Catchers 11 med_lov_ten_red dgag_venok_edera-1-100 dgag_serd_kreves-3 mrachn_ten-100 zlov_ten-30 mertv_ten-5
Note: To finish the Worship Quest the player has to do one fight each against Ghostly Incarnations of Serpagon [11], Scolopendra [12], Pearly Scolopendra [13], Daigon [14], Tentacler [15]  and the finishing fight is against the Ghost Halifrona [15]. More information to follow later.
Nymph Water God 11 r_idolvod5 r_sfera_vod-150 elik_dop_farm_1-20 11_sbor_yarkocvet-500 12_sbor_ceptorys-500 11_ink_zlatenica-1389 12_ink_shu-1389 11_powd_smaraglys-12500 12_powd_gornlagr-12500
Sylph Air Goddess 11 r_idolvoz5 r_sfera_vod-150 elik_dop_farm_1-20 11_sbor_irvis-500 12_sbor_tehra-500 11_ink_fiussa-1389 12_ink_skrubus-1389 11_powd_armedjank-12500 12_powd_kariatid-12500
Custodians of Magic 11 m_xran_magii5 To Follow


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  1. dan says:

    shadow catcher rep you can turn in the items in stages, 1 wreath, 1 heart, I believe its 10 gloomys, 5 sinisters and 1 deadly at a time. i was wondering if you knew about the turn in for relic red badge, is it all at once or can do it in stages also

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